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Code reff by LoboSong Code reff by LoboSong
I'm going to try and enter :iconrace-of-aleria: :meow:
Hopefully posting this will get by butt in gear to work on this AND do a spectator entry in ToH. Plus to get into draw things other than school crap.

Sorry for the quality of the color on some of the drawings, I scanned some of them in with the wrong setting. I may fix later if I have time/ambition

And don't be afraid to injure/maim/kills her in them either ;P
I can be very abusive to my charries :C

Audition Page 1: [link]

Name: Code
Age: 4 years (just reached full maturity)
Gender: Female
Species: Savannah Dog (my own made up creature :3 )
Height: 34"-shoulder 47" aka 4'-top of head
Weight: 60 lbs

~Fast (Can run up to 50mph-small bursts of speed, like a cheetah- can trot at 35mph for up to an hour) Runs like a cheetah, very exaggerated
~Great hearing
~Excellent sense of taste and decent smell (tongue is 2.5' fully stretched out)
~strong jaws and knows how to throw her weight around
~porcupine like quills

~Weak bones (Easily Broken)
~Far Sighted (7' and closer everything gets fuzzier)
~Poor stamina (But never seems to tired to talk :x )
~sensitive hearing/taste/smell
~Light weight, easily thrown around
~porcupine like quills (can cause self-injury)
~She will believe almost anything you say!
~Thin skin, easily cut
~easily amazed/distracted (if you lived alone and was suddenly in a place you could only imagine you'd be too!)
~ has never killed a 'friend' before, if she where to kill someone (NOT for food) she could be devastated
~needs to eat. A LOT. To keep her energy up.
~no special powers, just a normal critter
Personality: VERY optimistic and outgoing, a bit naive too. Code would try to start a conversation with anyone (as long as they don't scare her). She speaks her mind and thoughts. Easily excitable and full of energy. Childish
Mannerisms/Attitude: Uses small, simple words when speaking. Often uses the wrong word or talks faster than her mind can process, causing her to randomly pause mid sentence. Much like a little kid.
History: Code's family left her when she was three years old to live on her own as an adult. She hated it, being alone was the worst thing that had ever append to her. Code has tried to make friends with anyone, birds, lizards, and even plants; but nothing filled that void. About a year later a traveler was passing by and she decided to follow him. Remembering her past experiences she kept her distance, so she wouldn't be seen. He wandered in to the city of Eama, were she lost sight of him, but found many other creatures living there. Here she learned of The Race of Aleria, which is now where the story takes place

~having conversations
~discovering new things*
~camel meat
~shiny things

~being alone/ignored
~fire (brush fires can get real nasty)
~having nothing to do
~loud noises
~being snuck up on

-They live in Savannah/desert regions. Solitary creatures. (However, they do sometimes make small packs. The biggest one contained 5 dogs. Packs are never permanent)
-Being far sighted the Savannah Dog has an unusually long tongue to literally taste nearby objects. (I'll post a pic of that soon ^_^ )
-Savannah Dogs are omnivores and usually eat whatever they can find, they have the capability to take down a full grown camel by them self.
-These creatures have HEAVY ears. They are normally in an airplane-like position |EX --O-- |Only if threaten will their ears stick straight up.
-Their quills are very similar to the porcupine. They can easily fall out
-Hair is very course.
-Front teeth are feline-like, but teeth placement is close to equines (no teeth between canines and back molars)
-Makes Fennec fox like noises-example [link]
-Tongue is prehensile, but only about the extent of a monkey's tail.
-=EDITS/Added info=-

*Definds new things by F.F.F. Food, Friend, or Foe.

Food= anything she could eat (plants, most insects, small animals, anything camel/camel related )

Friend= anything that she can't eat and won't cause her harm ( rocks, sand, other Savannah Dogs, ect) Although if she "becomes friends" (in our term of friend) with another creature, they use the term Amigo.

Foe= Anything that can cause harm
(A cactus would be considered Food and Foe)

Code and Savannah Dog species (c) me :3

I can answer any questions you may have, or change any info that may not make sense (typing late at night isn't a good idea :P )

Don't download unless you have to, this is a HUGE stinkin' file x.x
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GonXKillua Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
She's adorable!
Me wanna cuddle<3
dandypandy12 Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohh golly gosh!!! i want a savanah dog!
PhoenixWingsWolf Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
I LOVE your character!! She seems really nice! :meow: Good luck with the audition!
Hucca Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Aaww, Code's soooo cute! She's definitely the kind of girl Noel would like to hang out with!
DarkTail67 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I call Chi and her to become chat/spaz buddies! :dummy: Gawed this girl is adorkable XD
SilverWolf1996 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LoboSong Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Student General Artist
:meow: Thanks
SilverWolf1996 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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